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Here are 3 core components of the search engines results page:
1. Paid / PPC Listings
2. Map Listings
3. Organic Listings

Paid / PPC Listings

In the paid section of the search engines you are able to select the keywords that are relevant to you and then pay to be listed in this area. PPC can get very expensive very fast, with some keywords costing as much as
$200.00 per click.

Map Listings

The map listings have become very important for locally owned businesses because it is the first thing that comes up in the search results 3 pack local base searches. If someone searches for there choosing  keyword + your city” chances are the map listings will be the first thing they look at. Unlike the paid section of the search engine, you can’t buy your way into the map listings you have to earn it, and once you do, there is no per click cost associated with being in this section of the search engine. We will share our Google
Places optimization strategy with you later in this guide and show you exactly what needs to be done to obtain page one placement in the map section of the search results.

Organic Listings

The organic / natural section of the search engine results page appears directly beneath the map listings in many local searches, but appears directly beneath the paid listings in the absence of the map listings (the map section only shows up in specific local searches). Similar to the map listings, you can’t pay your way into this section of the search engines and there is no per click cost associated with it.

Now that you understand the 3 major components of the search engine results and the differences between paid listings, map listings & organic listings you might wonder… “What section is most important?” This is a question that we receive from Companies every day.

The fact is that all three components are important and each should have a place in your online marketing program because you want to show up as often as possible when someone is searching for your [Niche Type] services in your area. With that said, assuming you are operating on a limited budget and need to make each marketing dollar count; you need to focus your investment on the sections that are going to drive the strongest return on investment.

Research indicates that a vast majority of the population look directly at the organic & map listings when searching and their eyes simply glance over the paid listings.